Mohamed Hafez is known for his attention to detail along with a brilliant vision, but it wasn’t until his work with a non profit, Discovery Deep, that his visions became reality - literally.

Discovery Deep is an organization focused on ocean exploration, conservation, education and digital content creation for Virtual Reality. As CTO & Co-Founder of Discovery Deep, Mohamed dove head first into the world of virtual reality.

"In the spring of 2018 an office request came out requesting office party ideas,” said Mohamad. “That’s when it hit me.""

Mohamed set up a virtual reality rig, mirroring the VR experience onto a TV in the office so that bystanders could see what the players were experiencing. “Everyone had an AMAZING time, folks were lining up to try VR!”

Mohamed knew that VR Arcades where popping up all around the country, but none of them bring VR to their clients.

“Why not bring the Virtual Reality experience to clients?” said Mohamed.

MyReadyVR became the first company of its kind, to bring affordable, fun and engaging virtual reality, right to the client.

“Our team loves what they do - seeing the enjoyment on our clients face is the best part” Mohamed said, “Everyone talks about it for days.”

Are you ready to begin your MyReadyVR experience?